Get to know Grandeo

Our mission

Impact the entire production chain, generating decision-making information from analytical technologies, to further improve the competitive potential of our customers.

Our vision

To be a reference in the development of analytical intelligence, generating value for agribusiness.

Our values

People, Innovation, Excellence, Commitment and Collaboration are the values that guide all our actions, from caring for our employees to delivering results to customers.

Services and Products

NIR technology

NIR Technology was developed to meet the analysis demands for various segments such as: Soil, fertilizers, grains, among other products. As it is a fast and non-destructive analysis, the use of Near Infrared Technology (NIR) helps to reduce laboratory costs, as it does not require chemical reagents or other inputs.


The AG-NIR is portable equipment that can be used for field analysis for various applications, enabling georeferenced analysis, in addition to synchronizing the results with the Grandeo Cloud®. It is possible to increase the volume of samples in areas of interest, obtaining results in real time, thus making the decision-making process more assertive.


ARIES is designed to be compact and robust, supporting continuous work in demanding environments such as soil laboratories or for production line analysis. Lightweight and with reduced dimensions, the equipment can be carried or even transported in a vehicle for field analysis.

Grandeo in focus

The 10 Agtechs Promising to Transform the Brazilian Agribusiness in 2024

Grandeo, a company specializing in analytical technology, stands out as a protagonist in the application of advanced Decision Agriculture concepts to generate insights directly in the field. Grandeo's approach involves soil analysis, leaf analysis, agrochemicals, fertilizers, and crop vigor assessment, primarily targeted at markets for grain cultivation, sugarcane, vegetables, and others.

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Indicado ao Prêmio "Seed Inovations"

O Instituto AgriHub (@agrihubbr) anunciou nove startups selecionadas para o programa Seed Innovation, chamada de inovação aberta voltado para as startups que têm soluções inovadoras para a cadeia de sementes.  

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Agricultura 4.0: AgTechs mudam o cenário do agro

Com um equipamento portátil, parecido com uma máquina de cartão e pesando cerca de 300 gramas, o produtor analisa, em menos de um minuto, várias características do solo como matéria orgânica, umidade e níveis de minerais. 

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Portable NIR scanner analyses crops in under a minute

Brazilian agtech company Grandeo has developed a portable device that uses a specific type of infrared (NIR or Near Infrared) to instantly scan and analyse soil and crops in the field.

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